Sports Massage for the 

High-Level Athlete CEU.

 September 25 & 26, 2021

Dandelion Collage

About Us

Welcome to UCHA's Continuing Education Page.  The faculty is here to provide you with an excellent education. Our success is due to the simple formula of placing students in a small class with experienced instructors. Our program's heart is directed by Paulette Genthon, MAdE, LMT, a massage therapist with 50 years of Health Education experience. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Education, a Master’s Degree in Adult Education, and Post Graduate Studies in Online Learning and Teaching. As a massage therapist for 40 years, Paulette and a team of instructors create a nurturing and caring learning environment for adults returning to school or beginning new careers.

Online CEU

Online CEU is preferred by individuals who may not be able to make it for workshops in traditional brick and mortar sites due to various reasons. 

The Benefits

Most licensed therapists who choose online workshops tend to have other commitments and prefer this mode of learning as it gives them power over how they will delegate their time towards their different projects.

On The Go

​There is absolutely no dress code with our online workshops. If you want to do your work in your PJs or velour tracksuit, you can. If you want to lie on your couch or your bed while watching a lecture, you can. If you want classical music in the background, you can. You can access our online workshops 24/7, 365 days a year.


Online workshops also provide the therapist with the chance to network with peers across the nation. This often leads to other opportunities in terms of collaboration and shared experience. 


Ethics Course

Our goal is to affirm good ethics for our practices in massage therapy. We will do this

 by understanding and practicing Mindfulness.


We will participate in a series of role-plays and discuss best ethical practices. We will listen to a mini-lecture, focus on publications, participate in a dialogue for our learning in Mindfulness, and practice the art of Mindfulness.


We Take Pride in Our CEU's.


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Compassionate Touch  

End of Life Bodywork

Compassionate Touch: End of Life Bodywork.

Being able to provide relaxation and ease at the end of life for clients is a remarkable gift. Many times, traditional massage modalities like Swedish are not appropriate.

In this 7-hour hands-on class, you will learn techniques for bodywork that are specifically designed for end-of-life bodywork.


Included are compression techniques, adapting the strokes you already know, Energywork, positioning, aromatherapy blends, prop and bolster, and other skills to help clients in the final stages of life. This is important work, and I hope you will apply these skills. 


This retreat is a deep healing immersion designed to nourish, restore and inspire you as bodyworkers. This past year has tested us perhaps beyond our limits, and in ways we certainly didn’t see coming or were prepared for.

Through movement, nourishing practices, guided meditation, and creative exploration, we will reconnect with each other and our commitment to our craft. Over this past year, we have come to know just how vital connection is in our lives.

Refresh and restore yourself in this immersive day of retreat and find nourishment and support in a group of your fellow bodyworkers. Take an intentional pause and put aside dedicated time and space to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect

Nourishing the Heart Through Reconnection

Hellerwork Eleven Session Series Client

Receive 21 hours of non-hands-on continuing education units for participating as a  classroom client in the Hellerwork Eleven  Session Series. Gain improvement in posture, flexibility, stress relief, chronic pain, and tension. Enhance your longevity and effectiveness as a massage therapist.

What is Hellerwork?