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2023 Workshops Theme

Some of the coolest superheroes wear disguises. For example, Clark Kent. works a normal job as a reporter, but really, he is superman! Peter Parker is a normal high school student, right?! No, he is Spiderman! Superheroes are all around but maybe we don’t see them because they are in disguise.

So, what is a superhero? Some might say it is someone who fights crime. Others might say a superhero is someone who is courageous and knowledgeable. Maybe a superhero is someone who helps people and changes the world. If you were to ask a child what a superhero was to them some might say, Iron Man or Batman. Others might say their mom or dad. A superhero can be anyone. Well, our staff at continu-ED believe bodyworkers are superheroes too.

Think about it, superheroes help people, right? So do you the bodyworker. You provide an invaluable service to your clients who are in pain, recovering from injuries, or experiencing stress.  As a bodyworker, you help speed up the healing process, improve circulation, and even restore emotional balance in your clients. You design a “plan of attack” and “defeat it”.

So in our book, you’re a Super Hero!  This year's workshops will help you strengthen those powers, and bring you to the next level.

Bodyworkers are Superheroes Too!

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