Paulette Genthon, M.A.E.d., LMT


Paulette Genthon serves as President and Executive Director of the Universal College of Healing Arts (UCHA). Founded in 1995, the College is located in Omaha’s historic Florence District. Paulette has been in massage therapy for 38 years and in health education for over 45 years. After designing massage therapy programs for other schools, she saw an explicit need to form a non-profit organization to serve the community's educational needs. She has a Masters in Adult Education from National-Louis University and a Bachelor of Science Teaching Degree in Health Education from The University of Nebraska. Paulette has taught at the university, secondary, and massage therapy vocational settings. She has experience in both Vocational and Personal Effectiveness Counseling. For over the past decade, she has pioneered at UCHA to design and implement the blended online components. She has a distinguished Online Teaching and Learning Certificate from California State University. Paulette specializes in massage for persons with special needs. Her position at UCHA includes managing all aspects of the school and mentoring the staff and students as they grow in their confidence and skills. Paulette shares, “Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence are not processes of the brain alone, but of the whole body. There is a combination of intellect, emotion, spirit, and body in the learning process. Students focus on their hearts and listen to their intuitive qualities. They learn from touch. They change. They become healthier, more self-aware. They start taking charge of their lives.”

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