Rev, Julia Lawrence LMt, MCA

Compassionate Touch: End of Life Bodywork

Julia is an Priestess of the Old Gods, an artist, Reiki master, massage therapist and has been an aromatherapist since 1991. She graduated massage therapy school in 2010, published a book on a new massage modality (BodyArt Therapy) in 2014, received her A.S in massage in September 2015, open her massage clinic (Serenity Massage & Energywork) in Council Bluffs IA in October of 2015, received her Master Clinical Aromatherapist certification in 2018 and in 2019 received her Death Doula certification. She has taught continuing education classes, workshops, and online seminars for decades on shamanic practices, massage, energywork, body art and aromatherapy.

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