What is Hellerwork

Hellerwork Structural Integration, created by Joseph Heller, expands on Dr. Rolf’s method. In Hellerwork, we address the person's psycho-emotional aspect and integrate the body, mind, and movement connection patterns to create complete and lasting change.


What really distinguishes Hellerwork from the other forms of Structural Integration are the added components of Somatic Psychology, Active Therapeutic Dialogue, and Movement Education.

Movement Education in Hellerwork is integrated at every level and is the true context of this work. Our goal is to give our clients a “retraining” of how they move through their lives. This is presented on the physical, emotional, and psychological levels.

Addressing the entire person and not just the body, pain and stiffness on all levels are reduced or eliminated, and fluidity, freedom, and ease take their place. Even though all Structural Integration methods address the structure and function of the body, Hellerwork provides a deeper exploration into the person's psycho-emotive aspect.

Somatic Psychology is the therapeutic dialogue process that occurs during sessions, which helps clients release old patterns stored in the body, therefore allowing them to evolve to a level of increased personal awareness and authenticity in their lives.

From our perspective, the individual’s ability to move through life with ease makes all the difference in how one lives, speaks, and acts in the world.

There is a complex relationship between movement and self-expression. Simply put, the greater the ease of movement, the easier it is for people to express themselves verbally and emotionally. Movement is encouraged in Hellerwork Structural Integration and achieved on every level.

The first level is the freedom created in the physical body, as alignment is improved along with the release of chronic pain and holding patterns.
The deeper levels of work are related to the inter-relatedness between the mind, the emotions, and the body.

Hellerwork addresses these levels by exploring their relationships and offers facilitation to clients. This process helps clear out old and dysfunctional patterns and creates new optimal perspectives and tools that inspire awareness, joy, and freedom. This is all facilitated by unconditional love, which is an important component offered in our practitioner training.

Our heart-based approach is healing and transformative by nature because people grow more easily when they experience love and support.

A shift in the body is a shift in consciousness.