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Law and Ethics Online Workshop

What is the difference? 

The difference between law and ethics is advantageous to know as both significantly affect our day-to-day lives.   Law and ethics are two essential terms associated with the science of management.   Law is a set of universal rules that are framed,   accepted when usually enforced.   Ethics,   on the other hand,   define how individuals prefer to interact with one another.   The word ethics is derived from the Latin ‘ethos’ meaning character.   The word ‘ethos’ combines with another Latin word,   ‘mores’ meaning ‘customs’ to give the actual meaning. 

After completing this workshop,   you will comprehend the differences between law and ethics,   define ethics,   explain the difference between personal and business ethics.   You will also assess the value and necessity for corporate social responsibility,   explain the role of an employee handbook,   and outline the ethical decision-making process. 

Ethics versus Law

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